Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 2

The second module in this fall's Art & Music series, "Exploring Color," entails creation of art in the style of the artist, Mark Rothko. Here is a link to the module:

Here is a link to my Week 3 project! I wanted to use the art that we saw in class as inspiration for my project and introduce some randomness to it. I used a bar shaped sprite to stamp down bars of changing color to create a randomly colored design composed of bars of different shapes. Some of randomness introduced was the amount of saturation, negative, and brightness in each of the bars in addition to the manner in which they are stamped.

Nice Job! Looks very nice!

Here is a link to my Week 3 project. I uses the Mark Rothko's art as inspiration for my project and introduce variability to it. I used a bar shaped costume to stamp down bars of different colors and sizes to create a random design. I originally created a stagnant image that I liked and then introduced variability in my project as the position of where the different costumes were placed.

Here is a link to my week 3 assignment, where we were creating art in the style of the artist Mark Rothko. Through this project, my goal was to create art that was both aesthetically pleasing and variable each time the code was run. In order to do this, I created bars of different colors and shapes, moved them to varying locations, and then stamped them on the screen. I introduced variability through the locations that the bars were stamped in, resulting in differing patterns every time the code is run.

Looks great! I like your usage of switching costumes to stamp differently sized and colored bars. It's a super cool strategy that I didn't consider. Aesthetically, the art is also very pleasing. The softer, less saturated tones and the usage of primarily cool colors is very nice, beautiful work.

[Here] (Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks) is the link to my project, Shade. I used the stamp feature to stamp bars and randomly spaced the bars using the random number feature. I wanted to make bars with lighter and shorted bars behind them to represent shadows. The sun and horizon was made manually, but the grass is randomly generated. The 2 birds are also a costume, but the angle of the birds are randomly selected.

Really nice art! I liked how you changed the design, placement and color, whenever flag is clicked. It was like getting many cool pieces of art for the price of one! I also really like the custom blocks you made for switching between each costume, it made it easier for me to understand your code and what you did to change the art each time.

Here is the link to my week 3 assignment. Using the stamp feature, I created bars of varying sizes so I had a number of different size rectangles to work with when creating my art piece. The first step of my art piece was to create a background comprised of three big rectangles, and then, from there, I played around with different combinations and designs in order to find something that appealed to me. For my final design, I complied the rectangles in a way that resembles a sort of city-scape and I randomized the colors of the blocks so that every time the user presses flag they get a different experience.

This is a very cool project! I like your use of the different color variances in order to make each artwork look completely different. I love how vibrant all of the colors are.

I love how creative your design is! The variation of bar size to resemble an abstract cityscape is really visually interesting. I also appreciate how you incorporated interactivity in your design so that when the user presses the flag, they can change the overall color scheme of the cityscape.

Here is the link to my project. My goal was to create a variation in the width and height of the rectangles and overlap the resulting vertical and horizontal bars for an interesting layout. My design process involved first creating the vertical and horizontal bars by altering the height and width dimensions. I then utilized the pen trails and stamp features to duplicate the bars across the screen. To vary the design each time it is run, I used repeat blocks that change the bar color each time it is stamped. I also set a random stage color each time the program is run for more variance in design.

This is a really cool design! I like the variability that you introduce by changing the colors each time you run the code. It is nice that each time the colors are randomized, but you still seem to have been able to set it up so that the colors always mesh well together even throughout many different random iterations. I also appreciate the placement of each of the blocks used to create your design, as you said it gives off a very "city-like" feel. Great work!

page 3, Application of Essential Knowledge

I love how you created a more concrete image for your project. The use of different shades of color was a creative aspect that I thought was cool and different from some of the other projects created. The choice to make the birds' location/placement was also interesting and creative conveys that they are more mobile objects of the scenery.

Here is the link to my Week 3 project. I choose to use a variety of rectangle widths and heights to create a design inspired by Mark Rothko. I created different bar stamps that could be used and repeated to create a design appealing to the eye. I also choose color as the variable aspect that would be random every time the project was run.

Here is my week 3 project, Week_2
While Rothko had more block-y type art I really liked the look of slightly smaller blocks of color (it gave it a more mosaic type look). Again, I really like the ability to randomize the color scheme so it gives every iteration a unique look and feel.

@snapenilk Thanks for catching the mistake :slight_smile:

This is very cool. The way the pattern is drawn reminds me a lot of the game snakes because of the way it moves one unit at a time. There was a lot of work put into your code. It looks like there were a lot of moving parts that you had to keep track of.

Here is my week 3 project. My aim was to get some randomness every time the code runs but to still maintain the main look of the "painting".