Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 12

  1. Create lyrics or a poem to accompany the tune that you previously composed.
  2. Recite the poem or sing the lyrics accompanied by your tune.
  3. Save the completed song as an MP3 file.
  4. Import the sound into TuneScope and play it using the Play Sound block.
  5. Submit a post to this forum with a link to the completed song.

Here is the link to my final assignment. For the instrumental background, I used to piece we've created over the past few weeks with previous assignments. I thought this tune sounded like a beat you would hear in a marching band, so I related that to how I quickly "march" around grounds now to avoid being in the cold. The lyrics I added to this piece are about the impending winter weather and how I feel when this weather approaches this time of year.

Here is a link to my final assignment. For the background music, I used the piece that I have created over the past few weeks of class. I thought the tune seemed very uplifting, so I wrote lyrics about how all different types of weather can be seen as really amazing, even things like rain or snow.

Here is the link to my final assignment. I took my tune from my Week 11 Assignment and added a haiku which I wrote and read aloud.

Here is the link to my final assignment. I used the track from my past projects and added lyrics to it. I also made a few changes to the code notes in order for it to sound a little smoother. My lyrics are inspired by the upcoming holidays.

Final Assignment

For the final, I used the tune I made for week 10 because I personally liked it the most out of all the tunes I've made for this class. I wanted the lyrics I made for this song to be something about EDIS since it was the last assignment for this class. I think this was the most creative assignment we have had because we had to think outside the box to figure out lyrics that worked for our tune.

I really liked your assignment because I thought your haiku sounded great and matched your tune! Great job!

Here is the link to my final project. I used the previous instrumental piece I had been developing for the past weeks and added lyrics about Christmas as it is approaching.

This is very relatable!

Here is the link to my final project. I wrote some lyrics that I got inspiration from our talks in class.

Here is the link to my final assignment. I used my week 9 assignment, and added a poem I wrote. It is about how the year is coming to an end, and how fast time flew by while taking this course, which has been one of my favorites!

**Also, for some reason the first time you click the green flag, it fails to do the "wait", and so the audio sounds off beat. Click the green flag once, terminate it, and then click the green flag once again, and everything should be in sync.

Your words conveyed a strong sense of imagery as I was able to envision everything you said! I also think it complemented your background music as well. Great job!

I liked this one a lot because it was about the class and you actually sang it which was pretty cool!

Here is the link to my project! I took the mod 8 project and added lyrics over it. It sounded pretty spooky but calm at first and I wanted to build tension. It is about a man in the woods by a lake alone at night. He is walking around looking for his son but then he hears weird noises. I got my friend to record the audio.
The water's icey
The lake is empty
What was that noise
Its a loud noise
We need to run
Where is my son
We need to run
There is my son
We need to run
What is that, son


Here is the link to my project I added my poem on top of the melody from module 8.