Art & Music (Fall 2021) - Module 11

Create a digital animation with two or moving components accompanied by appropriate sound effects:

Here is my module 11 project. I animated a car. The car's wheels rotate as it moves along the stage.

Here is my Week 12 project. My animation is a penguin learning to play the drums. As he moves his wings he plays each drum!

This is amazing, so creative!

Here is a link to my week 12 project! I used the helicopter from class and added on a rescue swimmer to it.

Here is a link to my week twelve project. I animated a racecar by having the wheels "propelling" the car forward, and added racecar sounds on top of my animation.

Here is the link to my Week 12 project. My animation depicts a bird flying in the sky with clouds moving in the background. The two connected moving parts are the bird's wings. I added wind noise and bird flapping wings sound to enhance the animation.

I love how you incorporated a lot of detail to your animation. The waves, scenery, etc. all really make your animation interesting.

Here is my week 12 assignment. My animation is three pinwheels where the turbine rotates independently while the stick sways in the wind. Also, when the wind changes direction, the direction of the pinwheel also changes. There is a faint sound of wind in the background.

Cool animation! It's cool to see the wheels on the car turn as the car moves.

Here is my mod 11 project. I took my old animation project and added a lot. I added audience in the background so the scene is more interesting. I added a man on the other side of the audience that is super excited and is hopping up and down. The popcorn is connected to him and he is shaking it. There is a lady that comes after the car passes by with the finish flag. The flag is also connected to her and she is shaking it as well. I also added a racecar driver in the racecar and he is connected to the car as well.

Wow this is really good! Did you draw the bird and clouds on your own? They match well and this looks like true art!

(Link) My animation is a train that I created using the painting feature.

Here is my project for week 12. I used the paint feature in the costumes to draw a car and some wheels. I made it so that the wheels turning would match up with the sound and the movement of the car. I also added a background to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

The two connected moving parts are the bird's wings. I added wind noise and bird flapping wings sound to enhance the animation.

Week 12 Assignment

For this week's assignment, what I did was have a train that would move across the screen and would appear from the opposite side it went into. When the train moves, you can hear the train noise, and on top of that, since we needed more than 2 moving parts, I added clouds in the background and they are also moving. I really liked the outcome of this assignment!

I really liked your animation because not only was the car moving, the tires were moving too which I thought was cool! Great Job!

Here is my week 12 assignment. I decided to use Lightning Mcqueen and his rival Chick Hicks, and have both of them racing. As Lightning Mcqueen starts driving you can hear his revving engine, and when he passes Chick Hicks, he uses his catchphrase "kachow". Overall, I had a lot of fun working on this assignment.

I really like your animation and think it is so cool that the wheels and the car itself all move individually from one another!