Are there any Snapp alternatives or ways to reduce the file size of my game?

I make way too many forum posts about Snapp considering it's deprecated but I have spent the last year making a game only to find out 3.5mb is too big to export as an .exe using Snapp. Is there another program I can use? If not what are the best ways to reduce file size of a game?

Snapp's purpose is pretty niche, I'd be surprised to find any alternatives out there.

You could download the snap source code, and just use electron to package it all into an exe. Now, you will need to write some javascript to load the project, but it shouldn't too hard.

It turns out we have an official answer to this.

Start Chrome (sorry, gotta be Chrome). Go to

Watch the URL bar; you'll see a button labelled "install" at the right. Click it.

You now have a Snap! application on your computer or phone. Load your project in it. Now do "export project." Or, maybe you have to do the "export project" in the online Snap! rather than in your local one.

You now have a hopefully clickable project in your downloads folder. If it's not clickable you have to do some system-dependent magic to make your local Snap! the default app for opening XML files.

I haven't tried this in every possible system; I won't be surprised if you can't do it on a Chromebook that belongs to a school.

I think the op wants to distribute his projects as a standalone application, which your method requires some setup on the users device, not exactly the best steps to follow for a regular user.

Yeah, I guess that's right. But since the OP talks about .exe files, he's a Windows user, and I bet he can do what I said and then use something like Inno Setup to create an installer he can distribute. True, that's a lot of work. But it wasn't so horrible when I did it for Berkeley Logo on Windows.

I was mainly looking for a way to do it where it forces the game into fullscreen and hides other options like the flag, stop and pause. And auto runs of course, so this solution isn't the best.

I tried messing with Snapp, mainly hosting it on my computer (caused an endless loading for 3mb+ games instead of just not downloading at all) and I'm going to try downgrading. Is there any other solutions I can try aside from just lowering the overall quality of my game?

I seriously underestimated how old the previous version of Snapp was.

Snapp do exactly the same thing

but with nw.js runtime.
So you can "compile" empty project with Snapp, then use it as a base.
Or look for generic HTML to exe converter.

Oh. If you end up distributing a version of Snap! in your package that restricts user access to the editor, please remember that the Gnu AGPL, which licenses you to redistribute Snap!, requires you to distribute it with source code and with a pointer to the original. (This does not apply to your project's code, but to the code of Snap! itself.)

I don't really know how to use electron or write javascript to load the project.

Idk how I would change the code and all that after compiling it as an empty project without code accessible.

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