Are save data possible to make in Snap!?

So I'm pretty new to Snap! and one of the main reasons I started was because of how much complex this program is and yet also quite simple to use. One of the many questions I have is how someone would go about making save data, I know with scratch its mainly done via variables but does Sap! allow for any other methods of doing this? Something like importing a file from your pc or having the program be able to recognise the variable data from when they last opened the program, or maybe something else, just anything that isnt just the variable copy and pasting- cause that is a pain to work with.

If you click the :page_facing_up: File button and click Libraries..., you will find a library called Database. Click on it and press Import. You can then use the blocks to store data in the browser, and data will not be lost between sessions.

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