Are new blocks coming in 7.0

are we getting any new blocks in 7.0?

You mean 7.0. :~)

So far just one, SWITCH TO SCENE. Plus, a dev-mode PRIMITIVE block that provides libraries with the features they used to get from JS Function.

Also, they will add some cloud blocks but that's not coming anytime soon.

? We've talked about it, but I don't think we've made any such commitment.

sorry all the things I do have it the other way around.

you can build your own cloud blocks can't you?

yes, but they are easier to hack. It's best if the snap devs build some primitive cloud variables that run on their servers, so that way, they can disable cloud vars when you are in the editor.

ok that makes sense

They are going to add cloud broadcasts, not cloud vars. Cloud vars use server space.

Oh no

whats oh no about @amythestofficial

It kinda sounds like "We will add them" not "We might add them".

Huh. You learn something every day.

But I don't think that's going to be in 7.0, unless maybe this is how Jens is going to allow scenes to talk to each other. The scenes design is the big thing in 7.0 whose UI is still under discussion.

Their should be cloud blocks I meanšŸ™ƒ The block that comes in Library ā€œGetters and Settersā€ that is called {setting-choice} and one of the choices is username. A block that provides the username of a person on a project is pretty useful.

Umm. Jens hates that library. He thinks that there are only a few settings that are useful to set in a program (rather than by clicking in a menu), and the SET block's "MY ..." option, along with the SET block in Sensing for Boolean settings, handles those.

To me it's a principle that anything you can do from the UI should be doable programmatically, and vice versa. But I have to admit that that rule was established before people worried about computer security.

Kind of off topic but also on topic: In Snap! 7.0.0 in settings their is an option for Single Pallet which I prefer, can their be a way to always have it single pallet?

We haven't totally decided whether that setting should be per-project, per-user, or both. Kind of leaning toward both. Thanks for reminding me; I'll make sure this is discussed before release.

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