"Anything you can do I can do better." (Look it up on YouTube.)

Gang, lately I've been seeing an awful lot of "I already did that," or "my algorithm is faster than yours," or "that isn't a very good program." I wouldn't make a general post about this if it only happened once or twice, but lately it feels like every other post is of that nature.

This is particularly obnoxious when it's a very experienced programmer talking to someone much less experienced.

Please satisfy your urge to show off by making great projects, not by knocking other people's efforts.

I feel that this is directed toward me.

You're not the only one who feels it was directed at oneself, I think many of us do it, more or less frequently, but we can all learn better. I think that why one does it is also important, maybe you didn't feel seen or your solutions were not seen by others, or were forgotten... What do your think?

I feel pretty bad about it. (Sorry if I did this everybody)

Among other people. If it'd just been you I would have sent a private message, but it seemed pretty widespread to me.

im sorry if i have done this