Anyone want to test level saving on AstroMiner?

Anyone want to Beta-Test AstroMiner's Level saving feature?
For the past few days, I worked on a forked version of AstroMiner Pre-Alpha 1.0.2_03, to make level saving. It's "finished" imo, but I need comments

Please send me any communication platform if you're interested (discord is appreciated), also don't leak (please)!

( )

ill try optimizing and debugging

discord? or any way I can communicate

wait a min ill make a postbox in python replit
enter things in textarea and hit submit
do not contain the string "||||||" or it will implode nah its not a bug its just normal and nothing will happen cuz nothing programmatically reads it
does your browser support post requests?you just did a get

works for me

can u pls post ur stuff in it

i posted the link in it, i didnt see the reply lol

should I post again?

Nothing got into the server.I'll replace the stuff with file storage instead of db storage.

fixed you should post again

if you're stuck, the controls are at the "Forked Changelog" tab on the website

Actually I brute forced the project name and did this into the url before I made the postbox :slight_smile: (cuz its just your title plus save test so i tried that out and it loaded)
You shouldn't share the secret project.instead you could upload stuff in xml

oh, okay then, have fun beta testing the save feature! give comments about anything wrong!

I didn't know xml could be put into the input

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Also unhn and mkmn is just len(my clones)
(i dont really trust you on clone counting since you already messed one up in the uhnn count code)

yeah, i was a bit skeptic about adding it, because broken mechanic

also you should random position only after making clones so that the ores dont learn to fly around in 4d space

where? i can't seem to find it, its probably because I'm new.