Anybody want to make pixilart for me lol

idk i am in need of some stuff so comment if you would like to help!

Ask @jjjis123


I could make pixel art.

What pixel art do you need?

thank you

Players, blocks etc. your normal game assets

I've made Games with Pixel Art before (Super Mario Brothers style) for 2 games (That I was working on, but I stopped development to take a LONG break). So I can probably help you.

BTW to see my Pixel Art, just go to and type "Suspense_Comix Games" and you'll find my Gamedev Channel with only 14 subscribers. Then go to Playlists, and click on "BOXER SHORTS Development" to find 2 videos. Click on the 7:00 to 8:00 long video to see my pixel art.

I can make blocks. Can you give a list of blocks I can make? (really a set, but...)

8-bit or 16-bit because:



And yes, these are my captures. @sladescar Which one do you want?

The colors on the 16-bit one are terrible. (At least to me they are.)


Using Super Mario Maker 2 as an example for 16-bit could be a bit misleading... but whatever.

They are the same thing. Didn't feel like waiting for my friend to hook up his NES or whatever.

I think your talking about the 8-bit one.

The bright cyan, the white edges, it's just too bright.

Yeah, that's the start of one of my Mario Maker 2 levels.

I can make pixel art for you. I make good graphics, and can make an SVG image, and convert it to pixel art.

Example Art

Scratch Cat
Scratch Cat pixel

Scratch Cat

Nintendo Switch Online also has SNES games including Super Mario World, so you wouldn't have to hook up an old SNES to get a screenshot.

Oh, yeah. I forgot.

ok thank you all,

Maybe some stones,wood and other blocks and sprites