Any online documentation for proc?

I am really curious on what "proc" allows us to do in custom JS. But I cannot find any documentation anywhere. Is there a link anyone can share?

Some help on Stack Overflow

You are overthinking this. RefsHOC is a class. That class defines a method proc

He's asking about the proc variable in the JSFunction blocks in the libraries, which is an instance of the Process class in Snap's source.
Unfortunately there is no documentation but you can try reading the source (iirc there's a large comment at the top of some files)

Yes. In fact, the comment at the top of morphic.js is huge.

The file in question is threads.js, and the comment at the top doesn't contain anything important. Instead, search for Process, and there is another comment about processes.

Snap! deliberately appends current Proces at the end of the arguments list. Probably for internal purposes of old JS libraries. So the last, NOT supplied during the call, parameter becomes the current process instance.

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