Another remix of the Loucheman's 'circles' project

Another remix of the inspirative Loucheman's 'circles' project.

The circles keep moving away (and returning to their positions) either from the blue dot or the mouse pointer.

Use the slider to choose either the dot or the mouse.

Looks like a cool screensaver from the early 2000s. Like it.

I like it!

Cool. I agree, it'd be even better using the mouse instead of the blue dot.

In BJC we have some optional projects creating art by mimicing works by "official" artists. For example, here is Kazimir Malevich, "Suprematist Composition," 1915:

and here are a couple of imitations:

More closely related to your work, here is Vassily Kandinsky, "Several Circles," 1926:

and a couple of program-generated imitations:

What a wonderful association, Brian! I wouldn't have thought of making the connection between the 'official' art by Kandinsky and the remixed Loucheman's 'circles' project; but, you're right there's a resemblance between the two.

I don't remember seeing this kind of stuff in the BJC when I took the course few years ago. Has its content been updated a lot through the years?

Oh yes, and in particular the high school version is quite different from the version they teach at Berkeley. These art projects are in the optional "Take It Further" boxes in Unit 1 Lab 3.