Angle options

Right now, Snap uses orienteering angles, with 0 being north, and the angles increasing clockwise. This is great for moving sprites around. However, when doing anything involving trig functions and sprite rotation, it quickly becomes unwieldy as you need convert between the trig angle format and the sprite angle format. I think that this should be a selectable option. After all, we already have options that can completely change how a project works, like flat line ends, and hyperblock support, both of which are easily accessible with the settings option.

Two answers: (1) Yes, I agree we should have that option. (2) But we don't really need it, because you can build it yourself:
Sans titre script pic   Sans titre script pic
And yeah there are other blocks that involve angles but you get the idea. If you really want to live dangerously you replace the primitives with code you write under the same name.

Actually, we took great care to harmonize the result of Snap's trig functions with Snap's orienteering angles, e.g. check out the result of atan2.

Reading his mind, he doesn't mean it's hard to make Snap! compatible with itself; he means it's hard to use Snap! to reproduce something in his analytic geometry textbook. I've had that feeling myself.

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