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that's all see ya later

I'm pretty sure this isn't something the snap team wants on the forum. Sorry.

another person did it, why cant i? even bh replied to them.

I'm not sure about bh, but I know jens doesn't want it. He has stated many times that the snap forum is a place to discuss about programming in snap.

whatever man

So basically straight and ace, nice. Might as well say it too.

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@sladescar really? It's Snap! - place to discuss about coding. I don't like how you use a forums for insignificant things.

dino nuggs

Dude look i barley post these kinds of posts so watch your mouth and look at all my other posts.

the irony behind telling someone to watch what they say on your own mindless irrelevant post

I don't get what you're saying. Are you making fun of me?

That doesn't mean you can make these topics. @ ego-lay_atman-bay said:

I don't mention about using a title to tell about "important" thing, what after check becomes trifle.

no. you're making a fool out of yourself.

how else can I lay this out for you,

youre telling someone to watch their mouth on a post where you, failed to watch your mouth.

Please, don't make quarrel. Let's just close topic.


Personally, I'm of mixed minds about this. I like talking about myself as much as the next person, so I can't say anyone who does it should be flogged. And specifically I think it's healthy to be able to talk about sexuality. (This is different from posting pornography, of course.) But I would be sad if this became a space mainly for talking about personal issues; I agree with Jens that our purpose here is teaching computer science, and that should be clear to a new visitor from a random sampling of projects and forum posts.

So, basically, I'm saying that sladescar's post is okay with me until everyone starts doing it, then not okay. I guess it's the part about being ace that causes him to label the topic as "important," and I guess not everyone here is ace, but it wouldn't surprise me to learn that we have bunches of people who are some flavor of queer.

I'm less happy about

because I think his sexuality isn't anyone else's business. Sladescar, you are definitely welcome here, regardless of your sexuality. What matters here are your not bullying other users, and your interest in learning CS.

Is that a clear enough policy?

I agree with this post. Like come on guys, all of my other posts every single one except for this is program related. Like come on, get a grip!

It is the first time I have seen him post something like this…

Both of you (@nieznajomyh @cameron8299) were kind of rude. He was already told that this post isn’t relevant to programming and the forums arnt really meant for that, but you two decided to rub it in a be a tad bit rude. What is the significance of Cameron posting the first quote. On the second quote why do you need to repeat the same thing. 34d quote is untrue. I have not seen any post alike to this one by slade, he makes good posts about good projects normally, not off topic or irrelevant.

Okay. I think the original post was fine. I think all this throwing tomatos isn't. I'm closing this.