Alternos: New Game, New Code, New Fun And More!

My new game is called: Alternos. This game is a sandbox game using my new code called Alternate Socket to create Alternos!

this game will be released on December 25th
what i want to do is hold a contest about who's project will make the blocks to build alternos


create a project that is: A sandbox game, like my other games, and feels good

when you are finished contact me

Also i will be needing some help on this game so please consider joining the project

winner gets there game in alternos!

contact me for more info

I rlly want to see a 3D game here.(a game)
Have u ever tried that? Maybe see how some of those scratch projects work and EXPANDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Cool! that sounds amazing!

Do you know the story Stone Soup? :~)

Stone Soup:
The story is about boiling soup with stones.It was three monks cooking soup with stones.The names of the three monks are Ah Fu, Alu and Ah Shou.They were on a journey, talking about the whiskers of the cat, the colour of the sun, and how a man could be happy.
So they came to a village.This is a village that has experienced a lot of suffering, a lot of suffering, floods, wars...The villagers were tired and had no confidence in the world, no enthusiasm for life, not to mention the absence of strangers, and no suspicion or trust among their neighbors.
There are farmers in the village, there are tea dealers, there are scholars, there are seamstress, there are doctors, carpenters...They all work, of course, but only for themselves, so they are not happy.
No one paid any attention to the monks as they entered the village. No one welcomed Ah Fu, Alu and Ah Shou. The Windows of every house were tightly closed.They knock on somebody's door, and then they just turn off the lights, and pretend there's nobody at all, and pretend they're sleeping.
"These people don't know what happiness is.""Said the three monks in unison.The monk A Shou said, "But today, I will show them how to cook stone soup."They picked up twigs and made a fire. They put little soup POTS on the fire and filled them with water from the well.
A little girl saw it and asked, "What are you going to do?"
"We're going to make stone soup, and we're going to have to find three big, round, smooth stones."Yip sang said.
The girl helped the monks find the stones they wanted in the courtyard. They put the stones into a pot and boiled them.
"These few stones will make good soup," said Yip Sang. "But I'm afraid the pot is too small to make enough."
"My mother has a big pot.""Said the little girl.The little girl went and told her mother about it, and her mother promised, and said, "I should like to learn how to make stone soup!"
It turned out that even in a "village" where there was no enthusiasm, there were such little girls;Even if there is no confidence in life, in fact, my heart is always a little can be lit up with enthusiasm.
The girl pushed the cauldron to the center of the village. The monks lit the wood fire and smoke drifted away. The monks moved the stones in the cauldron...At last the unconfident and unenthusiastic people who had been hiding behind the Windows opened the doors and left the house. They all wanted to see what the stone soup was.
What is this stone soup?
Ah Fu, who was stirring the stone soup, said, "If you add salt and pepper, the stone soup will be delicious!"
An eyes wide open to see with relish the reader immediately said: "I have at home!"Quickly ran back to get it, stone soup with salt and pepper.
Yip Sang tasted it and said, "According to our experience, this large pot of stone soup will be much sweeter if you add some carrots."
"Carrots?I have it at home!"Said a woman in the crowd, and ran home to fetch it, and threw it into the soup.
"Wouldn't it taste better with Onions?"Alfred asked.
A farmer ran home for Onions.
'And some mushrooms?
The mushrooms were also taken.And they had brought along noodles, peas, and cabbage.
When each opens his heart to give, others give more.In this way, the soup pot more and more things, dumplings, tofu, yun ear, mung beans, taro, winter melon, garlic, lily, and even people should add a little soy sauce!The monks stirred the cauldrons of soup and thought to themselves, "How sweet and delicious it is! How much people in the village know how to give!"
The soup is ready.The people of the village gathered together.They brought white rice and steamed bread.They brought tea and lanterns.Never in their memory had they gathered to enjoy a feast like this.
After the feast, they told stories and sang songs until late into the night.Instead of locking their doors, they enthusiastically invited the monks to stay in their homes and let them sleep comfortably.
A warm spring morning, we are reluctant to bid farewell to Ah Fu And Ah Shou."Thank you for having us. You are the most generous people.""Said the monks.
"Thank you for letting us share and be rich forever.""Said the villagers.
"Think again," said the monks. "Happiness is as easy as boiling stone soup!"
Because happiness is so easy, so close, so what disaster and misfortune can really let a person become disheartened, no longer excited spirit?

One stormy night, a poor man went to a rich man's house to beg.The rich man's cook ordered him to leave at once. The poor man put on a pathetic look and pleaded, "May I bake my clothes on the kitchen stove?"The cook took pity on him and let him in.The poor man warmed up.He said to cook, "Would you please lend me your little pot so That I can cook some stone soup?"Stone can make soup?The cook's curiosity was immediately aroused.In order to see how he cooked the stone soup, the cook mother lent him the pot.At once the poor man found a stone, put it in a pot, and began to boil.After cooking for a while, he asked, "Could I trouble you for more salt?"The cook gave him some more salt.Next, the poor man wanted coriander and mint.Finally, the cook put some minced meat into the soup.

The soup is ready.The poor man took the stone out of the pot and threw it away. He drank the "stone soup" happily.
Copied from
Do you mean that we should share code and "Mobilize all the wisdom, step by step, from easy to difficult, slowly approach our original goal"?

No, I mean, "I'm sharing my new game project! It's great! And I'm having a contest for who gets to write the code for it!" reminds me of that story.

ok is that bad?

Well, it's funny. That's all.

ok i just wanted to know if it was allowed

I'm confused as to what a sandbox game is and it's differences when compared to other games.

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