Allow SVG Files To Be Uploaded To The Forum

When I upload a png image, some people complain that its to blurry, and then I have to explain to them that I have a vector copy.

Great idea, but you should propose it on the Discourse forum -- we're unlikely to undertake that level of hacking their code.

It says ALLOWED file extensions, so I thought you guys had the option to change it.

Oh. Right you are. I enabled svg, but I'm not promising it'll stay enabled, because svg files contain code, so yadda yadda...


Here, let me give it a test:



I'm no expert, but vector pictures contain program code that regenerates the image at whatever size, orientation, etc., you ask for. That code could conceivably include malware.

It can include javascript, but you have to call it outside of the SVG, according to my research.


(I put in a script tag with an alert funtion, idk if it’ll run)


It didn't...

it turns out, the script tag isn't in the file (must not have saved when I edited it)
here's one with the script tag
when I open it in my browser, it shows this

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