Allow Making new blocks that will not be shown in the stage

You're able to make custom blocks that are scoped to all sprites and to this sprite only. It would be nice if we have those custom blocks shown to all sprites but not to the stage (i.e. Most motion blocks). This can filter out blocks not working in the stage when editing the scripts for the Stage.

Yes, I suppose that's an interesting property of a block. There are lots of minor properties that we haven't built, so far, for custom blocks, e.g., caphood (no tab at the bottom).

Yeah. Custom Cap blocks are also a good idea as some custom blocks will not allow the script to continue anymore (Such as the Error block)

I honestly see no use for this, all because I'm not usually doing stuff in the stage.

One example would be most motion blocks, which do not work in the stage

Yeah, I can understand. I'm just saying, I don't usually do stuff in the stage, so I don't see a use for this. I do also just not even use motion blocks in the stage.

You don't use them in part because they'd be meaningless for the stage and in part because they're not there for you to use! You guys are talking across each other, I think.

I find caphood unnecessary for custom blocks.


It isn't strictly necessary, but I can think of a few examples where it would be useful, like foreverif, and it would be fairly easy to add. It isn't like predicate blocks necessary either, but we have them because they are convenient.
I don't like that delete this clone is a cap block though. I often use it as the first block of a green flag script.

I think it should be a cap block, because in clones, it stops the script, not running anything under it.

Also, when clicking the green flag, it already deletes all clones, so there's no point in putting a delete this clone block there. It even deletes all clones when you broadcast green flag (just checked).

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