Allow JS Extensions at all times


So recently a LOT of people have been using JS to make their projects. But when I first run them, Snap! says "JavaScript Extensions are turned off!"

So can you allow JS Extensions at all times?

Apparently, you must have joined after somebody made a phishing project to collect people's passwords.

So did I. But I read the forum a lot when I first was on it.

lol, me too.

I was already a Snapper when this happened.

As far as I remember, I've always had the Screenshot (77) menu item, but I remember updating before 6.9.0.

Looking back at the snap code, there was always an option (not sure if it was visible in a menu) to disable JSF, it was just default to enabled (I think)

When Jens puts in a major new feature, he often puts a shift-click options setting to enable it, mainly for the sake of pre-release debugging, but doesn't always bother removing the option after release. So the shift-click menu is huge.

So, anyway, no, we can't do that. Closing this topic...