Allow delete with keyboard DEL key

To make Snap more accessible without a mouse, I would like to request the following feature:
Be able to delete a block that I've clicked on by using my keyboard, by pressing the DEL or SUPR key.


I think it should be the block that's under the mouse. I really don't like pressing the DEL key, and having a random block get deleted.

do you know about keyboard editing? It lets you enter, navigate and delete blocks with just the keyboard. Click on the keyboard symbol in the scripting area to turn it on or off, of shift-click on a script or block. Does that help?

Especially in the case you meant to remove what had been typed into a box such as a number input, just misclicking and then pressing delete on the wrong thing could be frustrating.

Thanks Jens, it's an extra click to switch to Keyboard mode, but that will do, thanks

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