All Known Versions of Snap!

(copy of Various versions of Snap! moved to my new account)

BYOB & Scratch <=1.4
BYOB 3.1.1 download
4.0 beta beetleblocks alpha ~harveyb stable
4.1 ~harveyb dev ~harveyb old_site stable old_site ~bh stable
5 beta old_site dev
5.0.3 ~bh
5.0.3 ~bh dev
5.3.2 beetleblocks
6.9.2 BJC
7.3.1 previous
7.3.1 v7
8.0.0 CS10
8.0.0 main
8.0.0 michael-dev
8.0.0 dev

If you know a version usable online that isn't in here, please comment it so I can add it to this list.

I think the BJC site has a few old versions, but probably duplicates of these ones.

The "~bh" ones are where the home page lived (yeah, really served from my directory) until Michael and Bernat made the new server for the site and the cloud back end.

As long as the URLs are different, I'll add them.