Ai guesser

the longer you use it the more accurate it is to you Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

The project isn't shared.

shoot sorry i got to excited


Alright, I'm trying it out.

What exactly is it supposed to do?

well it uses a database of your previous answers and uses that to predict the number you have typed in

Based on the code, it's just a random number generator that adds your number to a database. Your answer does not improve the guess if you keep changing the number.

I know I'm working on the actual brain part but I'm designing things like if you repeat a number multiple times it will assume that one is next or I'm working on pattern recognition such as if you said 123 or 594 it will take the most often response after that but I haven't developed that but I do have some work on it

TLDR i know its simple right now

I don’t know if this is already known but the list resets every time the project is opened, if you want a database that saves every time you will need to use cloud.

They only reset if you set the variable to be transient.

im aware. like i said its more accurate to you. Also I'm working on the save engine bc I don't trust the cloud

also the code actually uses the "send flag" to function

Every time I reload the page or run the project, it clears the list.

it has been updated to recognize patterns

Not really an AI...I've made an AI Guessing Game sort of like this but it actually has a database.
I might improve on it, for example, if you chose 3 more than you chose 9, it would think you'd choose 3 or something. Or maybe your first most chosen number is 3 and your second most chosen number is 5, it will guess 3, 4, and 5.

have you looked at the definition of the easier block?
(also really?)

transient variables don't save into the project, but people that view the project don't save it, only the creator does. for any user it would reset when the project is refreshed

thats what im trying to say