Adding another sprite makes the entire camera system break?

In this game that I’m making Snap! Build Your Own Blocks
For some reason if I add a new sprite the entire game breaks. The ground stops moving and one time I even got the camera to go upside down
Can somebody identify why this is happening because I don’t think it’s an issue with my project

Also for some reason the spritr is always touching the level even if it isnt

And also my wait seconds or until block is broken

Yea still nothing even after reloading

Somehow the game is treating the new sprite as if that sprite is the player

I don’t know if it helps: this topic contains several superior implementations of WAIT (delay) SECONDS OR UNTIL (condition).

A topic that

I created
So I know ;p
Unfortunately those versions of that block stopped working entirely when I added a new sprite

I still don’t know what’s up with that

inside sp camera move it was referencing the sprite named “player” that doesn’t exist.
But why does that stop the entire project form working when a NEW sprite is made

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