Add zoom-in ability to the costume editor?

The ability to zoom in and out on the costume editor is important because you can add more details to the costume, and fix uneven lines with skill, making it look detailed and good. I know this feature may be unimportant to some of you, but it is important to me because I am an artist(By hand and even by technology) that is looking to increase my skill of drawing online. I know this feature is in Scratch, but that is not the reason why I want the zoom ability to exist in the Snap! costume editor. I know that you will probably just ignore my request....but it would mean everything if you would help this feature exist.....

With all of my support,

Yes, I agree, I always want that too. Our bitmap and vector editors are both pretty minimal. Honestly if I'm doing anything more complicated than a square I do it in Photoshop. Someday...

I can't use a Photoshop/Photo editor because my school's administrator blocked everything. That's why I need this feature so much.

Maybe worth trying to do drawings in Scratch, save them and import them into Snap! ?

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Scratch is blocked by my school's administrator too......

That seems a very unusual thing to happen in an educational establishment

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I already know I can do that(I did that before I was blocked)....that's why this is a feature request, not a Help with Snap!.

Yes...I know, Monday is when remote learning starts, and they still haven't unblocked me. I'm getting worried.