Add text to vardraic inputs

So I have a different take on this topic than I think others do

When you select vardraic input on the selector, pressing the gear would allow you to select the type
Text & input
Hidden input
Input options

Normal is how it is currently
Text & input is like th current one, but when you add a new input some text also comes with it
Hidden input only allows 1 extra input but it is hidden on default
Input options allows you to make multiple vardradics that are hidden behind eachother
For example you could use a system similar to the submenu options, each extra option in the submenu would only show if the one before it is shown
You could use [] <> {} ! to make inputs
{} is a ring and ! is a list.
And having :: after it allows you to select the options, for example

“({}::reporter)” would make a reporter shaped ring
“([]::number)” would make a number text input
You could also do multiple like this
“([]::number/read only)”
To make upvars you do this
“([upvar name]::upvar)”

This would probably be too complex to add but I really just wanted to get my ideas out there

I'm confused. You choose whatever input type you want, then you click the variadic button. So we already do most of what you want, all but the nesting of variadic inputs; I'm not sure how that's useful.

I'd like an input type that allows for all variadic inputs to be hidden by default.

That's not an input type; it's a flag in Settings or something. Why do you want it?

A related but different thing that I hope we'll get to in the medium-term future is the ability to specify minimum, default, and maximum numbers of slots for a variadic input. So 0/1/∞ is what we have now; 0/0/1 would be a single optional input; 0/2/∞ would be like some of the primitives.

I meant something like this:

untitled script pic (3)

Where by default the list of inputs wouldn't be shown

But you sounded like you want that for all blocks at once, overriding what the block says. Am I wrong? If what you want is the same thing I want, cool! Your example is 0/0/∞.

Yeah, I want the feature you suggested.

Great minds think alike. :~)

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