Add support to delete, add, and insert new sprites using list blocks

I think it would be good if you could input a list of sprites in the delete () of ≡ block, and it would delete the selected number/all/random of those sprites. (similar thing with add [] to ≡, and INSERT [] at () of ≡)

Why would you want to do that?

here's a reason: if you create lots of permanent clones/sprites, this would be a easy way to delete all or some specific ones.

Can't you just do something like this?

:man_facepalming: that does not delete sprites.

Oh i forgot to put delete this clone in the command
just replace it with that

Why do you want to delete sprites? How do you even make them? Why don't you just use clones? I have so many questions right now.

if you're wondering how to make sprites, the block.

I'll repeat it again: Why not just use clones?
You can't edit the sprites with code anyway.

it would be more obvious to beginners. I thought that add (a sprite) to (my other sprites) would create a sprite, similar thing with delete.

Why does it seem like you only read every other thing I write???

you can edit the costumes, and Add scripts to a sprite.

Well if you already know how to delete them, and have the ability to contain all the created sprites in a list, why not just use the "less convenient" method? If this feature is added to Snap! as a base feature, it'll be useless *to most people and may give beginners the wrong idea.

my way is just very slow, and cannot delete the current sprite.

Paste a screenshot of your way, I don't see how something like that could be "slow."

it's in the project I mentioned before. (it is slow when there are a lot of sprites)

no there isn't

oh–it seems that the number by the when I start as a clone WILL NOT go more than 100.

Everything sprites can do, clones can also do. If it's so laggy, just use clones.

okay. (is any JS expert willing to find a faster solution?)

What are your reasons for using sprites over clones again?