Add link to blog on main nav bar

And make forum logo link back to site home page rather than forum itself

Thanks! They're both on our list.

The second one should be rather easy...I just can't find the right Discourse setting. :frowning_face:

Yes @cycomachead. For me, two "important" issues for the new release web would be:

  • Update "reference manual" link. It is pointing to the 4.1 version. I see this link in three places: on the main page, on the footer template and inside "materials" page.
  • And the documented issue about the "forum header". It must be the same header of the main page: home page, editor, explore and forum itself (and maybe adding "blog").


I'm no web designer but maybe (quick?) solution is add a div (or something) and put the main site header at top of the forum pages?

The other discourse forum based site I use does this

Yes, I know. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s possible and on our list. It just takes time.