Add costume to my costumes as name

I would like this block to be included (or at least a workaround for it):

Actually what you want is for this to work:
That's more likely than a whole new block just for that case. You'd be able to put a costume-valued expression in the "foo" slot.

Hi @bh
Just to clarify your open ended answer, is this suggested block at all being considered, is on the short / long list, or totally our dream ?


I'm pretty sure that the inability to set the name programmatically is an oversight rather than a Policy, so Jens will get around to fixing it somehow eventually. Right now we are in a feature freeze that's expected to last through the summer but when summer ends I expect to revisit all the feature requests here.

Do you think of

used this way
Untitled script pic (19)

Thx @dardoro, hit the mark. Works great.

there is a cough hidden block cough in presentation mode that lets you do just that....

Do you mean dev mode?

Thank you! This is what I wanted

You're welcome.