Add an all option to the tell block

self explanatory is it not?
I want a option for the tell block that tells all sprite but the sprite that is telling the others.

No, it's really not. Your title was just "add an option to the tell block".
Also, just do Edit: Nevermind, I just remembered that doesn't work.
But I feel like instead of adding an option to the tell block, they should just hyperize it (along with a few others).

@sirhopsalot Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks


Add a all option to the tell block
Add an all option to the tell block


If we were to do something like this, it would include the sender among the receivers. "All" means "all," not "all but me." (Yeah, that could be another option, I know.)

But I like helicoptur's idea of hyperizing TELL and ASK.

I made a project! :smiley: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks
Although hyperizing sound cool.

@sir_kitten2 @joecooldoo Come on, you guys.

I take it that what @joecooldoo meant to say in the post about which @sir_kitten2 is complaining was "I updated my project to add this new feature." I don't always manage to say exactly what I mean in posts either. But when I get a reaction that seems strange to me, I try to think "what is this person thinking I meant, to cause this reaction?" That's called Assume Good Faith at Wikipedia.

Of course @sir_kitten2 could also have thought, "why is @joecooldoo making what seems like a redundant post here?" so there was plenty of not assuming good faith on both sides.

But, @joecooldoo, you clearly crossed a line with "I'm not brainless." Yes, I do understand that you weren't calling sir_kitten2 brainless, which would be much worse, but still, the tone of your message was antagonistic.

Shake hands and make up, you guys, and behave more maturely next time.

I know, right? I tried suggesting that a while ago.

Initially we only hyperized reporters; we had to think through the control flow implications for hyperizing commands. But I imagine we'll get around to TELL and ASK eventually, when Jens has a free moment.

ok, cool!

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