Adaptive Sound Project

Hello, everyone. I made this post to cull every question/problem relating to the project ( instead of making a million posts.

What is this? Adaptive sound is a key element in making the atmosphere of a game more open to the player. In Mario, when you walk from world to world the melody stays the same but the instruments change. When you ride Yoshi, you start to hear bongos. I believe I can achieve the same by splitting a song I made (it's admittedly short) by its instruments and mix them together.
It's slow going, though. Here's a shortlist of I have no idea to fix this at the moment's that I would like help with. When I get a solution, I'll put it there and minimize the problem. Thank you for reading!

  • Different computers run at different speeds.

    • I find that when I play a sound relative to another (syncing them up) I have to add a little bit to account for the processing of the JS. But, in a different computer, I ran the code, and the extra time wasn't needed -- that computer was faster! Is there a way to counter this so it syncs on all devices?
  • Function runs slower than actual code

    • If you notice, there is a procedure in the code called (current time of [sound]). This executes a JS script to find the current time that a sound is playing. Running the exact JS script directly runs just fine, but running the block doesn't do anything. It just runs forever. Why is this?

Thank you for reading all the way through! Consider leaving me a post explaining to me the rookie mistake I made?