Accidentally ran a block that divided by an empty input and the page froze

Is there any way to stop the block without reloading the page? I didn't make a cloud backup before clicking the flag (lesson learned), and the dropdown menus won't show up. I can't interact with anything relating to the editor, including the stop button, the blocks themselves, and (as already stated) the dropdown menus.

that's hard to believe that a zero / null division made Snap freeze. Can you share the project or share how to reproduce the problem? Thanks.

I can't quite share what I have, as it's frozen and nothing will work.
What I was doing was experimenting with the stretch reporter, and I was using the negative of variables to manipulate it. Then, I tried to half it, but I somehow forgot to type the 2 in the dividing reporter. The end result was (stretch [current v] x:([neg v] of ((variable)/())) y: 50) .When the reporter ran, my cursor froze on the screen for a second, and then it moved and nothing responded. I opened an FPS counter and it said I had 60 FPS still, so it's not my computer.

Well, I think I just broke my project even more. I opened the developer console to see if it would work (in case I found some sort of script to put in it to stop the project from running), and it opened... while also causing the entire project to turn into a white screen with a random search bar sitting in a random position. A rendering error count in the console was also rapidly increasing into the triple digits (it hit 600 in about 5 seconds).
"Uncaught DOMException: Failed objects.js?version=2019-10-11:9680 to execute 'drawImage' on 'CanvasRenderingContext2D' : The image argument is a canvas element with a width or height of 0."

It's probably because -Infinity was the input to the stretch block. I also did that, and it froze. I don't know why.

I can't reproduce this. Can anybody come up with a reproducible way to trigger this bug? I'd love to fix it... Tnx!


Ah, the zero division goes into one of the dimensions, not into the list slot, as I was expecting. That helps, thanks!

fixed for the next minor release:

I mean, I don't really want to take credit, because it costed me 2 hours of work, but I guess you're welcome? Anyways, I'm glad I found the glitch and not someone else. Quite a nasty thing to have to deal with.
Good luck with the update!