Access Microphone with Macs in Snap4Arduino?

We have successfully used the Microphone block with Macs in Snap! (using the Chrome or Firefox browsers). However, we have not been successful in accessing the microphone with Macs in Snap4Arduino.

We have had no difficulty accessing the microphone with PCs in Snap4Arduino, but have had no success with the Mac. Is this an inherent limitation, or is there a workaround?


I'll ask other Mac users to test it.
As you have said, it is running ok on PCs. But we (Bernat and I) can't test with Macs.

We'll see if it's a general problem with Macs or you can check your audio config/permissions.


Since the microphone recording function works with Macs using the main Snap! (using either Chrome or Firefox), the Mac hardware and operating system have the inherent capacity. However, there may be some nuance or subtlety in the way in Jens implemented this.

We're developing voice-activated actions for an Assistive Technology class using the Arduino Uno. As a temporary work-around, we can use a microphone sensor connected to the Arduino to monitor loudness levels. However, it would be nice to use the laptop's microphone as well.

Thanks for looking into this.

hm... you need to give Snap4Arduino permission to use the microphone and the camera. Usually that can be done in System Preferences >> Security & Privacy >> Microphone. But Snap4Arduino isn't listed there. I'm pretty sure it's because Joan didn't "register" the app with BigBrother...

Yes I didn't register the app and I don't know much (really, anything) about Macs.
But Jens, is it not working for you?
I've asked for tests, and Jose (citilab) has reported me it is Ok for him (tested with a 2008 Mac with Yosemite).

Now, after your comments, I'm searching... and I see " Access to camera and microphone will always return a status of authorized prior to macOS 10.14". So, maybe this is the problem. If this is, I think we must to add other node modules (I see node-mac-permissions) to fix this.

But before this, I would appreciate it if Mac users reported more 'use cases' to us, to check that the problem is really in the os version.


Hi Joan, naw, there's nothing I can do on my Mac to give Snap4Arduino permission to use the microphone or camera, I'm pretty sure the issue is with MacOS version.

So one solution would be to suggest that they delete their operating system and reinstall an earlier version? [grin]

More seriously, I'll ask some of the Mac users working with us to report their experience.