Ability to Type in the Paint Editor?

(Zahra here)

Hi, I was using snap this evening to make a special project for Kaito, and I found that it's pretty hard to write in the paint editor. Is there anyway to be able to type in the paint editor? It gets annoying to use the mouse to write. When I try to paint out the words, it looks weird and out of line, like this:
Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 18.54.12

If there isn't a way to type, then I suggest that it should be added. It would be a great improvement, I think...

It will most likely added, as Brian likes to say

For now, you could use the text costumes library, or use a free tool, such as GIMP or Inkscape


They will add the feature to the costume editor soon....they already have a lot of feature requests or something like that, so that's why they don't really have a good costume editor :T

I agree.

(I know this sounds highly off-topic, sorry, but I NEED to say it...)
@funtime_foxy101 I thought you guys had all left snap...great to see you!

Yeah...everyone disappeared ;-;
Great to see you too


We should talk about this in the chat project, not here...


Yeah, I noticed that recently. It makes it hard to, say, create a button for the project that is intuitive to use, and my sloppy hand(mouse?)-writing is shown on the button.

i don't really care if i write sloppy on the paint editor because my irl handwriting is also sloppy and i'm used to having sloppy handwriting so it doesn't bother me. But i can understand that it is frustrating to write sloppy when you have good handwriting irl

it also hurts your wrist to use the mouse to write.

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