Ability to make custom themes of the community website

The title says it all.
Useful if you don't like the premade themes of the community website and want to make custom ones.

oi vey you are an example of why the forums get a lot of noise and I'm also an example but could you dial the amount of topics you post?

If only there were a better Snap theme... cough cough shameless plug cough cough

that's just scratch's theme and it would make the snap community site look like a copycat

Not really; Even though it borrows heavily from the Scratch 2.0 design, no part of it was taken directly from Scratch.

I mean, Snap's mascot is already just a slightly edited Scratch mascot...

what i mean is that snap doesn't need custom themes

That's not what you said at all...

oi vey...i don't think snap needs themes at all

Either way, @theeric132, I say just use a userscript. I can send you some of the code I used to make mine if that interests you.

As @the2000 points out, if you really need a different skin, you can make your own without any help from us.

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