A weird things which randomly logs me out every few minutes

Hi everybody,

I have noticed a bug that every time that I am in the Snap! editor every 2 or 3 minutes the system just randomly logs me out. When I try to save a project, the system tells me that I am logged out when I never clicked on log out or I didn't switch my tabs or stuff like that. If you know what is going on, please tell me.

maybe check your browsers cookie settings

What do you mean? Like tracking cookies?

webpages store cookies in your browser to keep you logged into a website. If you go to your browsers settings and go into the privacy section, then select cookies and other site data, there should be a way to allow cookies, and you can create a whitelist of sites that keep cookies, and you can make a blacklist of sites that can't store cookies.

That sounds awful. If this were a Snap! bug, though, I would expect we'd be hearing about it a lot, instead of it just happening to one person. You're not running someone else's project with JSFunction blocks in it, are you? If that's not it, please tell us what browser and version, and what OS and version, you're using.


That does sound both awful and weird, yep.

What's your setup, and did you check "keep me logged in" when logging in?

Actually it's strange. I did check that box.

I know what he's talking about. It's happened to me once before, but only once.

Me too..

I think this happened to me. But it stopped once I checked "keep me logged in"

I always check that box, but nothing helps.