A way to see subexpression results, not just of overall expression

With a nested expression in the script / workspace it would be lovely to be able to see results of subexpressions, not just the final result. Preferably by clicking on the subexpression of interest vs. on the overall expression, or perhaps by enabling Visible Stepping.

Really valuable for understanding and debugging. Even more so with the Pipe operator in the Iteration, Composition library.

I agree, we've been discussing exactly this among the team and we all love the idea! I hope that we'll find the time to make it happen soon-ish, i.e. after the impending v7 release.

Awesome to hear !!

Sometime in the future please consider showing results closer to stage-size e.g. a plot or a list. That way kids can do more expression-oriented exploration without the stage. A let block would allow even more playing prior to the stage and other I/O.

On the same theme, please consider:

  • allow multiple evaluation balloons to be visible at a time, whether from a single compound expression or separate expression script-lets, so one can examine multiple results side by side.
  • allow balloons to be positioned manually (hard to auto-layout well).
  • correspondingly, add a "close" balloon click to remove a balloon [EDIT: less intrusive than keeping every balloon open until closed, would be a "pin" option to keep balloon open after focus change]

This allows a Jupyter Notebook style exploring of multiple snippets and their results.

What about blocks that are reporter and command at the same time?

Do you mean a script made of command blocks that has a REPORT?

No, I mean a command block that reports something
A.K.A a reporter block that can do something other than report.
Basically putting a script that changes the stage like a command block INSIDE a custom reporter block.

  1. That's exactly what I said.
  2. That's a reporter with a side effect.
  3. see 2.

oh ok

If you make this:
untitled script pic - 2021-11-28T151153.216
and click on a new TESTING block, it'll do nothing.

i know
what about the other way around

untitled script pic - 2021-11-28T151412.656

That gives this:
untitled script pic - 2021-11-28T151456.684

no this
(testing::motion)::control hat
move (10) steps
report[meow] :: control cap

it works

Oh. It does work.

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