A project

Press the green flag and sit there and stare at the screen, tell me if it gives you a headache.

It definitely made my eardrums burst, but headache? No.

There is actually some visuals you can add to also give you a headache.

But did it give you a headache?

What visuals?

You shouldn't say "Tell me if it gives you a headache" because once people see it and listen, they would think that they got a headache but in reality they probably didn't. In pharmacy terms, that is called the "Placebo Effect". Because then people are seduced to thinking that they'd get headaches from listening to the high pitched noise but they actually didn't.

This comment is satire and a joke, by the way. You should probably keep the "Tell me if it gives you a headache" if you want better for people's ears and better for the planet.

Imho it's not that useful to try to give people headaches.

The... planet??

lol. It's just fun.

Luckily I always have my audio off