A new block?

What about this block as a regular one?
It's pretty easy:

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As you say, it's easy to write yourself, so why do you want it as a primitive? It's not as if you need it to run super fast; you're not doing heavy computation inside it.

Generally speaking, we add primitives because either (1) you couldn't write it in Snap! yourself, or (2) you could write it yourself, but it'd run much too slowly on big data.

If it's a block that you use all the time, use "Export blocks" in the File menu to save its definition, and then just drag it into new projects.

Okay, I use this block often and I do use the export. It's just a bit annoying to import this every time. :wink:

Nice example of a custom control structure! I've been hunting for such useful examples to demo, thanks for this one! I agree with Brian though, that it's way too much fun to write this yourself than to just use it as a primitive.

You could make a project with your personal library of blocks and instead of starting a new project just open it and then click on "Save as". You could even avoid having to explicitly open this project if you share it and bookmark the link.

We should consider making thumbnails for XML files. For projects, the same stage picture we use in the open dialog. For libraries, the block prototypes as in the manual. In both cases, with a little Alonzo in the corner.

This post makes me want to have liking posts back. Someone please hit the solution button here.

But it's not a solution to the OP's suggestion. If we start using "solution" to mean "like," that would defeat the whole point of not having likes.

It still works as a solution though. If you have your own blocks, why force everyone else to have them too?

A solution would be to let users store in their account a project called "my library" or something like that, which is automatically loaded whenever the user starts a new project. It's on my someday list.

This is your third list?