A little visual suggestion


We're not gonna have characters in variable names have special meanings. Next would be rings around variables with λ in their names, etc.

The other idea is conceivable, but why stop at CALL? Any reporter (including a variable) might be turned into a hexagon when used in a Boolean slot. That would be pretty, but I'm afraid it would obscure the question of what the user promised about the reported value; a round block in a hexagonal slot should look funny, to remind the user to be careful.

I understand for the second suggestion

I had not thought of all these characters on my first suggestion, in fact I thought of a question, all hexagonal blocks end up with a question mark because their values are true or false,

Yeah I get why question mark, that's a standard convention (although I always complain that all reporters as questions, not just predicates). The issue is about not wanting to enforce naming conventions. If we were going to do that, long before question marks would be to turn hideous camel case names into real text.

I understand

except for <, =, >, and, or, not, true/false, or contains

because 2 question mark in the end of block, it will weird
true and false block is an answer
and contains, I think it's a forget



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