A game concept (Inverted II)

would anyone like to help me create this game? I've got the whole engine done, maybe some level designs, and I'm willing to take any suggestions, thanks!

I will help you!
maybe just one player?

level designs Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

IDEA: Use WebRTC so you can send a code to your friend and play with them.

why? its cool but how would it work if there is only one person?

It wouldn't. Or you could use multiple tabs. Or put in singleplayer/local multiplayer support as well.

I mean, you have two cubes in this game, have one play control one, and the other player control the other.

that my point. if there was no second player its just not gonna work + you have to have both player cross the line

yeah I see that now

this is gonna be hard sirkitten2
you can't just plan it and wait for it to code itself.

im gonna guess that means mods does it not?

im gonna get to work.
see you guys in the morning.
edit: heres a demo that we can work with! Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Okay, currently there are two versions of the game, this one was simply a prototype:
and this one:
which I had more levels on, I just wanted there to be more of a gimmick..? I'm not sure which one would be better.
Of course if we chose the prototype, I'd add more levels.

Also, another thing, I use my school provided computer to make these so making local multiplayer will most likely result in a blocked website, I can try to use a different computer though.

What does that mean? Also, WebRTC is not local.

Why did you add "Oh so you don't know what Karlson is?"

It’s just supposed to be a fun splash screen that appears randomly like in Minecraft

heres one amogus

Will I need a link to an external site to get WebRTC? I checked out the topic and the link is actually blocked


Hey guys, I had an idea, so what if there were portals in the game, and when you went through them you'd switch..?
Also I think one of the characters shouldn't be inverted and one of them should.
What do you guys think?