A found a hidden thing in the Snap! site

Using a bookmarklet that contains the code javascript: var a=prompt("alert"); alert(a);, makes it where it asks you what an alert should be, you type in your answer and an alert pops up with what you said like this
but on the community site:

I think they just replaced the alert function

its still a hidden thinh

It's not "a hidden thing." The whole idea of bookmarklets is that they modify the behavior of web pages, sort of like local CSS. There's nothing "hidden" about it.

Bookmarklets contain javascript code, they do more than just change he css of a webpage

How did you access it?

omg i got IP banned

First time?

I just typed a random guess in the URL bar and found it XD

You say this as if being IP banned is a normal occurrence/not a big deal.

I think he was saying that by running the alert() function, it shows a custom alert box.

You say this as if it isn't a joke


you say this as if it was easy to tell that you were joking

Oh I see, you must have hit some automatic banning thing.

Ive done it a bunch to fully examine the thing, but i never got banned?

Okay, doing any sub page after snap.berkely.edu/admin 3 times will get you IP banned
so even doing snap.berkeley.edu/admin/e can get you banned.

Also Bh unban me pls

@sir_kitten2 I cant access any of my projecs, so please dont start day 1 until im un IP banned please

Yes, because you aren't supposed to have access to /admin. They want to protect against web fuzzing, so just avoid restricted pages.
I don't know whether this is effective now that there are so many free proxies, but either way it isn't a problem if you know how to use the website.

No, going to snap.berkeley.edu/admin will bring you back almost instantly, it wont do anything.
That button you see just leads to snap.berkeley.edu/flags, which wont do anything but show you an empty list of projects.

oh ok