A big improvement to the paint editor

yeah, it's another one of these paint editor topics. also, the fact that this is a feature on scratch is not the reason i want it. im just using scratch's paint editor as an example.

so, on Scratch, if you draw a dot in the corner of a costume, then set the x and y of the sprite to 0, the dot should appear in the corner.
but on Snap!, the costume automatically puts itself in the center when your done editing it?

so I was making a platformer, and making the ground is really, really difficult, because the paint editor is really weird with where the stuff you drew shows up. sometimes i'll draw a line and it appears in the center, but other times i'll draw a line and i have to move it up to the center on my own because it appears offscreen. i don't know if this is a bug or not, but it's kind of annoying.

so it should be like Scratch: you draw something in the corner, then set the x and y to 0, and then the dot should appear in the corner, like it was in the costume editor.

There should be a text tool in the costume editor!

Yes, in principle. That's one of many improvements the paint editor needs. Somewhere down the line we'll probably rewrite it completely, but I'm not promising it'll be soon.