6.7.0 released!

custom block icon parts in the prototype of the custom block in the custom block editor are the same as when you look at the block. (when you aren't editing them), but there's a bug when you put $nl, which makes it look like it's nl thin (in the custom block editor) instead of it having a newline. also, there is a trash can icon (right below the stage, and easy to spot) that can recover deleted sprites (probably the most useful feature).
also, varadic ring inputs are arranged vertically, which broke any recursive block with varadic inputs (including PIPE). the rest are either self-explanatory, or I can't understand. that's all for now!

PIPE isn't broken. I added a $nl in the libraries that use it so that all the expressions line up vertically instead of all but the first. :~)

When you make changes to a custom block with a variadic reporter input, it will destroy all instances of blocks inside it. Therefore, the recurson recursion* in the block breaks and loops endlessly:


Google Blockly has the function of undelete blocks and scripts of your code with the trash icon.
But the Snap! Editor has the trash to undelete sprites!!! :star_struck:

Why did you reply to my post instead of the topic? That's not related to what I was saying.

I'm reply for talk you or others to do answers to your questions. :wink:

I didn't ask about that though...

Oops. :dizzy_face:

OOOOPS! Good catch, thanks. I thought you were just complaining about it looking different.

That thing about losing the input list when editing the block seems like a bug to me!

The complete opposite of what it looks like it's supposed to do.


Well, I have sent an issue on GitHub about that before but it wasn't fixed unfortunately. :unamused:

yeah, when I first saw that, I thought it was for deleting sprites. That's what the trash can usually stands for, deleting things.

If you drag a sprite from the sprite corral onto the trash can, it'll be deleted. And trash cans in other software can be clicked to look inside them and undelete something.

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