50+ Useful Custom Blocks including auto-save and more!

The first 197 characters are the same (automated the process of telling that)! The only thing different is that you used

return e.expression.constructor.name !== "CommentMorph";

and I used

return !(e.expression instance of CommentMorph);

but I distinctly remember that the less efficient code was mine as well, in an earlier version of my project, which was likely the one you stole from.

Sorry. You guys are right. I need to credit @sathvikrias for the scripts block. My bad. I looked at @sathvikrias 's project. It looks exact.

Ok. So I will credit you. I'm actually really sorry. This was my mistake.

It's fine.. I'm sorry for getting as mad as I did.

It's alright. Mostly my fault anyway. On another note, is there anything else that needs credit? I'm really anxious to finish the credits.

You're not allowed to use the Goettingen server, period.

I'm going to remove the blocks then.

Some Snap!pers have made their own cloud variable servers; you could look into that.

Alright. I believe there were faster servers too.

Here: Snap! 6.9.2 Build Your Own Blocks

People have been flagging the parts of this discussion that are about plagiarism. I haven't deleted any of it, but I do agree that it's getting tiresome.

Thank you very much. I will use these instead.

I replaced all the cloud blocks with new ones that @joecooldoo suggested. I hope to make my own server and use that for cloud variables. But unfortunately Heliohost is undergoing a massive update and so I have to wait for them to finish then make a server with Python. It's going to take a while.

You can use repl.it to create i python program. And you can use uptimerobot to keep the server up.

I'll look into it.

You can Listify json with prims:
Cool Custom  Blocks script pic
And with the custom broadcast Block, you can do this:

Thanks. I realized that too and I thought I changed the code of those block to that... I guess not.

Could you explain a little further? What exactly does Uptimerobot do?

Well, you must pay to keep a replit up, but there is an alternative. Uptimerobot pings the replit so it stays up. For free. If you plan on doing this, make it ping every 15 min.

Ok. So I create a new monitor, set the monitor type to "ping", and URL to my Repl?