I want to make a good 3d engine on Snap*!*, that's it.

Dev team:

Current project:
3d engine

Use the one I made as the current project.

Good work !

but sometime,something strange append:

in this case, the red side should be hidden (or draw first)

It's drawn first
All sides are transparent so you see the back sides
Try making "resini..." var bigger (real glitch happens)

opposite sides should have same shape


see: interactive 3d cube

Is that by you(I use khan academy too!)?

no, just found the project in google...

I have remixed the first one:
3D engine Remix

Somewhat related: someone on Scratch made a usable Rubik's Cube. I'll see if I can Snap!inator it.

Edit: Snap! 7.0.4 - Build Your Own Blocks

Project doesn't exist?!

it's like if we see the inside of a box


Well, it is helpful to the conversation.....

@warped_wart_wars There's a problem. When I go past the cube, the camera still renders the cube! Can you fix that?

I've got a solution for that. You can make a raycast script that detects whether the camera is looking at the cube or not. If it isn't looking at the cube, then you should make the raycast script tell the other scripts to stop rendering the cube.

You don't have to implement raycasting, you just have to create a clipping plane (example: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/170970398/)

I'm not working on it anymore.