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I've been trying to figure out more movement with my little 3D game and I was wondering if anyone could help me out.

I've been kind of trying to do this for the past few days and I can't figure it out
Just trying to figure out stuff like WASD movement and Rotation in all directions

Your best bet is to make the map a top-down map as with most raycasters, and not with platformer maps.

You'd lose the sense of scale on the Z-axis though.

But I do have a idea: That is use both top-down maps and platformer maps. You can mesh these together into a list to get a sense of scale on the X, Y, and Z axis.

Yeah, I understand what you mean, I'm having a difficult time putting it into action, is the difficult part (as of course with most things) I'm unsure as to how I can do this.

You can look at @joecooldoo's example because he made the block and an example to go along with it.

Oh really? Where can I find it?

I can't find it but I'm pretty sure joecooldoo made it.

Oh well, there's more examples for this though.

Like this: Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Oh okay, I'm unsure as to how I would be able to merge them together though..

There is only a single line on the depth map. You have no spatial data so there is no sense in rotation.
Do you try to simulate flying over rough terrain?
There were many examples of Perlin noise used to generate a natural heightmap encoded as pixel color.

@dardoro @slate_technologies

What if we went with a list based raycaster?
I've made one based off of a tutorial I found, however it doesn't really work.
It might be too difficult

That's what I was thinking! I should probably design something like that for you

I was up late last night making this. It didn't work, I think it has something to do with how I did the list. I'm awful at doing that kind of stuff.

Joecooldoo made a 3d "engine", maybe you can modify that to your needs.

its called "Baldis Basics and Education and Learning"

It's my project though

Baldis Basics by oscar robinson - Snap! Build Your Own Blocks (berkeley.edu)

That actually scared me lol.
I guess he has some explaining to do then.

sorry :sweat_smile:

Its fine, Baldi was behind me and he touched me and that made him pop up.

Well I know that engine, but I think using a list based one would be easier when it comes to things like stairs and other stuff

oh, yeah.