1s1s0c challenge

Post your 1s1s0c projects here!(projects that were made before this post are also ok,i want as many projects as possible,sorry if it is unfair to you)
The user with the most awsomeness sum wins!(im not in the contest so that ppl don't get unhappy when seeing my projects(they are not so awesome but of a great number)but i will put them in the collection anyways)
(i will haul the submitted stuff into a collection)
(ps:it only has to be 1s1s0c(one scene one sprite turtle costume)initially,you can have a lot of custom blocks and variables and hat stacks(i.e unlimited scripts as long as there is a way to start them),you can make clones after green flag,but please don't evade rules by making an installer or stuff(it would not be disqualified because installers are also awsome))
(bonus if it also only has the green flag hat block and no other hats)
Due date:april.1st

Yeah,I know that you don't do clones and nested sprites(awesome) doing 1s1s0c,but projects like that are extremely versatile and VMs that could contain these are quite easy to make.(clones and nested sprites are also awesome,while trading off versatility,but maybe you can post them in some other challenge post/#show-projects ?)

Back in 1997 there was a contest to write the most interesting Logo one-liner with no more than 15 words. Mostly people did turtle graphics things, but my entry was

invoke [[x] print (list "invoke :x :x)] [[x] print (list "invoke :x :x)]

which prints itself. I don't think you can do exactly that in Snap!.

Yeah,not with 15 words,but with 2:
untitled script pic (65)
(breaking open that grey ring is beyond what is legal in snap)

I don't exactly understand it?

yeah you cannot have half a command in snap

Right, metaprogramming! The macro facility in Logo isn't that streamlined.

INVOKE is CALL _ WITH INPUTS _ in Logo. So you can exactly reproduce the Logo code with

But that's not quite right, and neither is this: